Latest News

21.12.2023: Congratulations to Sandra Schneider for finishing her PhD!
04.12.2023: Our new publication "Deletion of IFT20 exclusively in the RPE ablates primary cilia and leads to retinal degeneration" in the PLoS Biology is now online.
24.11.2023: Congratulations to Alexander Ewerling for finishing his PhD!
13.11.2023 Sara Mesic-Sivic started her Master thesis in our lab.
09.11.2023 Jannis von Spreckelsen won a prize for his presentation at the FORTHEM winter school in Dijon
08/09.11.2023: Jannis von Spreckelsen will present his Master thesis work at the FORTHEM winter school in Dijon.
02.11.2023: Our new publication "Emerging principles of primary cilia dynamics in controlling tissue organization and function" in the EMBO Journal is now online.
19.10.2023: India Sophie Huß has started her Bachelor thesis in our lab.
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